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The door between the two worlds became damaged. They say Magic could only exist in one realm - on the other it will cease forever. Before the last spark fades, something will happen...

  • Less combat (no HP or XP)
  • Single dice Mechanics
  • Focus on Storytelling
  • Zine Format (A5 - 4 pages) & Booklet Format (A4 - 12 pages)

Q & A

What's the deal with the different formats?

The project was initially created for Ultralite Game Jam. After the game was done I got the impression it was too "squeezed" so I decided to implement a more "readable" version.  The written content  is the same in both versions (and the SRD) - what differs:

  • SRD: just rules
  • A5 - zine format + printer friendly (free)
  • A4 - multiple character sheets + illustrations (paid)
Can you give a gameplay example?

Sure. Here it is >> LINK

Is there any support for online gaming?

Yup. VTT support here >> LINK

Why do I have to pay for this?

Consider this a symbolic price. I need a nice tap-tap on my shoulder for spending a lot of time defining the theme + writing the stuff + doing the graphic design + creating the character sheet + conceiving the rules + adapting the material to the format + drawing and painting the illustrations + uploading the content.

I can’t pay for the game and I wish to own it.
What can I do?

Send me an e-mail telling the story about that time you saw a fairy (be creative). I’ll give you the PDF for free - no questions asked.

mail: rpg[at]cmartins.art

How about safety tools for this game?

Just handle consent like you usually do (X card, or any other tool that you’re comfortable with). Most important: don’t be a dick to others.

What’s the meaning of “Eccentricity” (on the Fey Sheet)?

That’s what makes you unique - even among your Pixie type. It can be anything... It is also an opportunity for the Chronicler to question you about the subject and build some Lore.

Where are the Gender, Age and Race options for my Fey?

Well, you’re playing a Pixie... Pixies aren’t bound by any of those rules. However, you can always fill the Eccentricity option with that stuff (if you need to).

I paid for the early version and now it's for free?! Not fair.

I sent a KEY by email to all the buyers. You can use it to download the new version without any cost. If you're having any troubles, post it on the Comments section and I'll try to address the issue.
NOTE: "Free rewards / Community copies" aren't obliged by these terms .

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tagsfairy, Fantasy, fey, Indie, Magic, Medieval, Minimalist, storytelling, Tabletop role-playing game


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