John is playing a Summer Pixie named Klu.

Chronicler: The priest is giving a speech. Everyone is mesmerized by the after-death talk. What do you do?

Klu: I want to ignite the cross - the one priest is holding.

Chronicle: How do you do that?

Klu: That’s my ability. I stay hidden - I’ll do it just by looking at it.

Chronicler: Alright. First let’s analyse the Wheel of Time. Your Wheel Pebble is in the Fall quadrant. Does your action fit that season?

Klu: Maybe… I’m trying to “fade and end” the priest's performance. Is it acceptable?

Chronicler: Sure. Mark another time box.  

Klu: Now I have to check the “realm part”, right?

Chronicler: Indeed. Let’s examine your intentions. 

Klu: I’m helping the human side by stopping the charlatan.

Chronicler: Are you? I mean… Who is benefiting from your actions? The “Old Ways” or the “Progress”? You’re fighting the new religion after all.

Klu: You’re right. I need [ - ]. Based on my position on the track I already have [ - ][ - ].

Chronicler: Roll the 4 dice!

[+][+][  ][  ]

Klu: Seriously?! Oh come on…

Chronicler: You are using Magic, right? You have 2 on that skill.

Klu: Very well, I want to reroll 2 dice

[+][+] became [ - ] [+]

Chronicler: You end up with at least one [ - ] in the aftermath, so you did it - The cross catches fire!. Move your pebble to the left. You have an extra [ - ]...

Klu: I chose the option “scare the peasants”

Chronicler: As the holy symbol burns, the Priest himself starts to panic. “The devil is in here” - he shouts. Some of the people lose faith in this new god. 

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