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My entries to the 12 word RPG Jam

  • BOMISO: Body, Mind and Soul. The classical approach - dice vs uncertainty
  • CrazyPokus:  A nonsense Larpish thing - play with words
  • Fallen Star: bookmark solo stuff - contemplative

The limitations made it a funny challenge.


Nano Pack (all - PDF) 1.6 MB
BOMISO (image) 3.1 MB
Fallen Star (image) 1.6 MB
Crazypokus (image) 949 kB

Development log


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Super smooth - five stars. If you like BOMISO check out the more fully fleshed out Five Fudge: https://cmartins.itch.io/five-fudge

oooooh =') thank you for the shout-out

"Jam is always a fertile ground for innovation, but there are many aspects to RPG and some get more attention than others. Most are focusing on systems, some on setting and tools, although, that’s one of the very few that emphasis formats. I will say that I have a hard time wrapping my head around the games themselves, but the exploration of the forms and styles is very inspiring.

Personally, I tried to figure out a formula for the Jam, a template I could reuse. This entry is more like a burst of creativity going in many directions at once, and in a way it’s probably more in the spirit of a Jam. If I have to pick a favorite, it would be the bookmark. I’m sure there is a potential to make a quick game that uses the spread you are at, renewing the context every time you progress in your reading."

I wrote this review in my selection of 12-word RPG where your game is featured by the way.

Oh boy, thank you so much for the review. It means a lot to me =')
Feel free to develop that bookmark idea. 

Really good stuff!

Thank you so much =)

These three games truly show the want what is possible with 12 words and a spectacular eye for design. Utterly brilliant!

Thank you so much! Game designers are doing a awesome job in this jam - so much creativity going on. A lot of different stuff is being made. Can't wait to see more. 

Three well designed games! I love how varied the games are in format, style and theme!

Thank you. Which one do you prefer?
My first one was the classical dungeon crawler (but yours is way better - love it).


I do like BOMISO a lot. The artwork is awesome and I like the use of fudge dice.

Fallen Star is poetic and I really like the bookmark format.

CrazyPokus is a beautifully drawn comic, and I love how easy it is to follow the rules.

It is hard to pick a favourite. haha


Ohhh I love this! The layout, the design, the super easy, broken down mechanics - the comic is extra cute as a game manual. All three examples extremely well executed. It's so cool when someone has talent for both writing and art. :)

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Awww It means a lot coming from you . You know... you were the one who inspired me to do more than one, actually - I loved your entry.
I don't consider myself a talented person when it comes to writing - specially in english, since it's not my native language - But glad you like it :D