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Map created from Mausritter's Hextool.

Most of the concept was generated by rolling some dice and putting together the prompts given by Isaac Williams in Mausritter RPG. All I did was drawing some hexes and filling the gaps in the "script". 

The downloadable file is a two page pdf (A4). Enjoy!


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mausritterMap v1.1 1.5 MB

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This region lacks an official name. For example, the "Drainpipe territory" or "Swampfarm region".

Thank you for this beautiful illustration.

I think you're absolutely right!
Love the suggestions. I'll consider those for sure - on the next update the region will have a name :D   

Is $5 a fair price to pay for this map, or should it be more? There weren't any pricing guidelines to follow that I could find. I want to pay a fair price for sure because it looks like a lot of work and time went into this map.


Thank you for your concern regarding the fair price. And a mega THANK YOU for the $upport. 
It's hard to put a price on it... and even harder to make a good profit from pdf sales (without  advertising or a marketing team). I kinda gave up on revenue - this is basically a way of sharing the personal work done in spare time. Every contribution, comment or share is very appreciated.

OMG That is soo cool. Will you make another one?


Many thanks.
Not sure if I'll do another one - to be honest, most of my itchio work turns out to be a "waste of time" (or at least feels a lot like it).
I was thinking about an adventure site, or a detail in the map.

Well done!

thanks =)



thank so much ^^
glad you liked it

sweet hexmap, both in drawing and simple to use layout!

thank you =)

Beautiful map with a nice workable key, encounters, rumors, and factions. Just the thing a busy group needs to give a Mausritter hex-crawl a try.

Thank you for the kind words. Let me know how it went when you give this map a try ;)