A downloadable font

Add these clocks to your games!

  1. Just install the font on your computer [golemClocks.ttf]
  2. Insert the desired character by typing the right combination [alt.pdf]
  3. Extra stuff like svg files and css are also available [extraFontStuff.zip

Symbols by C.Martins. Font assembled with iconmoon app

screenshot: WPS office & Libreoffice
Characters 802 and 807 are very similar and you might get an error - it depends on how your software reads it. Pull out the character map if you can't get the right symbol and copy paste it.

I'm no expert in typography - feel free to edit it and share a better version with the community. 

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GenreRole Playing
Tagsclock, clocks, diy, Fonts, freeware, Indie, Royalty Free, Tabletop role-playing game


golemClocks.ttf 10 kB
alt.pdf 47 kB
extraFontStuff.zip 191 kB


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What license are these fonts? Could we use them in commercial projects?


Great question. I didn't thought  about it (in legal terms). I'll try to update it under the "freestuff" next week. If you can mention it somehow, I'll apreciate it, but yeah, you can use it for commercial projects.


This are amazing, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Glad it worked for you :)

Feel free to share the result


great stuff as always.

Thanks. Hope it's useful ;)


Thank you

(1 edit)

:) my pleasure. Hope it's useful