A downloadable font

Add these clocks to your games!

  1. Just install the font on your computer [golemClocks.ttf]
  2. Insert the desired character by typing the right combination [alt.pdf]
  3. Extra stuff like svg files and css are also available [extraFontStuff.zip

Symbols by C.Martins. Font assembled with iconmoon app

screenshot: WPS office & Libreoffice
Characters 802 and 807 are very similar and you might get an error - it depends on how your software reads it. Pull out the character map if you can't get the right symbol and copy paste it.

I'm no expert in typography - feel free to edit it and share a better version with the community. 


golemClocks.ttf 10 kB
alt.pdf 47 kB
extraFontStuff.zip 191 kB


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great stuff as always.

Thanks. Hope it's useful ;)


Thank you

(1 edit)

:) my pleasure. Hope it's useful