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I just tried making a critter for a test and I got really confused. Could you explain step by step how to use the generators? I had to read it a few times to understand what to do. I eventually got it, but it's not an easy pickup.

Thank you for letting me know. In my head everything was super clear. And that's why it's super important to playtest your own stuff xD

The main goal of this project was to put everything in one page. Guess I failed the explanation part, but I kinda like the layout and I don't want to change it. So, I've uploaded a step by step guide (it is also on devlog). Let me know if it helps.


Oh, the guide is pretty thorough! Thank you so much, it's great!

This is wonderful! A great and minimalist creature generator to come up with fantastical beings. I'd love to see it automated for a quick one-click creature thing.


Glad you like it =)
I'm no programmer but I can do a spreadsheet with Random results.
However the goal of this generator is to create some sort of an "allocate the dice game" and allow the "players" to choose from each pair of dices. That allows you to different results with the same values.

oh yeah! true! I really missed that bit! nevertheless, again, another great project from you. I like your approach to minimalism.